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MES 英会話 天王寺 天王寺区 presents TED talks.

MES 英会話 天王寺 天王寺区

MES 英会話 天王寺 天王寺区

In this video, Sir Ken Robinson points out that schools are taking away our creativity as children, and the workplace is making sure it stays gone. They do this by making sure mistakes are punished and free thinking is stigmatised. This video is presented by MES 英会話 天王寺 天王寺区.

Here at MES 天王寺, we offer an environment where you can explore English and encourage you to try.  It’s okay if you don’t know some vocabulary or that tricky phrase you cant get right. We are here to help you. We are here to bring back your creativity and expand it through language.

Please enjoy.

Japanese subtitles are available.

Please watch more at TED

If you’re interested in learning vocabulary through news and current affairs, check back every Saturday for another article!

The aim of the articles is to be short enough to easily digest, whilst still providing some important new words. Furthermore, we deliberately choose topics that you’ve probably heard in the news already. This makes them relatable and easier to understand. Could you tell your teacher about this news story, in English? Try to practice recounting the story, or even rewriting it in your own words. Afterwards, you can show it to your teacher for correction. Additionally, you could also try a translation of the article. This is an intellectually stimulating exercise which is both fun and great practice for understanding the different ways of thinking between English and Japanese. Finally, please remember to have fun learning English! The most rewarding thing for us at Michael’s English School is seeing your results. See you next time!

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