British Food

British Food

Do you think British food is boring? Do you believe that English snacks are not delicious? Think again! Here are four foods that you probably love but didn’t even know were British!

Apple Pie

Americans say that they were the first to make apple pie. But it’s not true. The English baked the first one in 1381!


Yes, lasagna! You probably don’t believe it. You probably think it’s Italian. But no! Lasagna was first made in 13th century Britain. It’s true!

Chocolate Bars

Although chocolate was already used as an ingredient in desserts and drinks, before 1847 you couldn’t eat it on its own. Fry’s, a British chocolate company who still produce chocolate today, were the first clever clogs to make a chocolate bar in 1847. Oh and they also invented the first ever chocolate Easter egg!


Yup, the simple sandwich. No one put food between two slices of bread before the British! It’s amazing to think about it, isn’t it? The sandwich is named after the 4th Earl of Sandwich because he invented it in the 18th century to keep his belly full while he was playing cards.

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