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Business Idioms

無料体験レッスン アクセス Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 天王寺英会話 Business English Idioms ー ビジネス諺 ここであなたの仕事について話すのに使うことができるイディオムの選択です。   To bite the bullet – to force yourself to do something unpleasant or difficult, or to be brave in a difficult situation. 歯を食いしばって頑張るんだ。 You’re just going to have to bite the bullet and make the best of it.   Nothing ventured, nothing gained – […]

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Prepositions – a First Certificate exercise

無料体験レッスン アクセス Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 天王寺英会話 Prepositions in Use – prepare for the Cambridge First Certificate Who doesn’t find prepositions difficult? However it’s the little things that really start to make a difference at higher levels and if you are preparing for the PET, FCE or CAE you will be expected to be proficient in this […]

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Best apps for English learners

無料体験レッスン アクセス Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 天王寺英会話 Hello all, Today we’d like to present a selection of free mobile apps to learn English on the go. We all spend some time in transportation or waiting around, so why not take 5 minutes to boost your English? 1. Duolingo Duolingo is one of the best free apps out […]

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Pronunciation Problems – 2 “EA”

無料体験レッスン アクセス Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 天王寺英会話 English pronunciation can be difficult! One good example of this is the letters “EA”.  It’s a very common spelling combination (here’s a list of 4000 words with EA).  But what makes it tricky is there is no one way of pronouncing the letters.  What’s more some similar words can have […]

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Camping vocabulary

無料体験レッスン アクセス Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 天王寺英会話 Let’s go camping! キャンプの英語 MES staff went camping in Nara-ken! Here are some of the words we use to talk about camping: First of all, the place where you pay for a camping spot is called the campgrounds.     to put up a tent (open and install the tent) […]

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Small talk and socialising

無料体験レッスン アクセス Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 天王寺英会話 Small talk and socialising: entertaining visitors from overseas Imagine your company is receiving business partners or clients from overseas. What do you say to break the ice and socialise? Here is how to make small talk and suggest things to do. Making small talk Match the phrases 1-5 to the correct […]

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Exaggeration and Understatement

無料体験レッスン   アクセス   Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 大阪天王寺 Exaggeration and Understatement in English We often use exaggeration and understatement in English to emphasise or downplay facts and emotions. For example: It’s quite warm today, isn’t it? — Warm? It’s absolutely boiling!  Practice: Match the lines 1-10 with a line from a-j. Use your dictionary to look […]

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Weather expressions – Let’s use English to talk about the weather!

無料体験レッスン アクセス Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 大阪天王寺 Ready for hot weather? Hello all! Today we’re talking weather idioms. It’s that time of year when the humidity is rising and the heat is gradually becoming unbearable… Both in Japanese and British culture, we like to break the ice or make small talk by making a few comments about […]

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English Pronunciation Problems

無料体験レッスン   アクセス   Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 大阪天王寺 Spelling and sounds The pronunciation of a word doesn’t always match up with the way it is spelt. This can make it very difficult for learners to speak English. You may know how a word is spelt but can you say it accurately? Everyday words This lesson is […]

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One grammar item, many functions

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール英会話 大阪天王寺 How can one grammatical form serve different purposes? Hello all, and welcome back to another mini-lesson from マイケルズイングリッシュスクール天王寺英会話. Today we are looking at how one grammar item, the first conditional in this case, can express different language functions.  First look at these sentences, all in the first conditional: 1. If we don’t leave now, we’ll […]

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