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Exaggeration and Understatement

無料体験レッスン   アクセス   Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 大阪天王寺 Exaggeration and Understatement in English We often use exaggeration and understatement in English to emphasise or downplay facts and emotions. For example: It’s quite warm today, isn’t it? — Warm? It’s absolutely boiling!  Practice: Match the lines 1-10 with a line from a-j. Use your dictionary to look […]

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Weather expressions – Let’s use English to talk about the weather!

無料体験レッスン アクセス Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 大阪天王寺 Ready for hot weather? Hello all! Today we’re talking weather idioms. It’s that time of year when the humidity is rising and the heat is gradually becoming unbearable… Both in Japanese and British culture, we like to break the ice or make small talk by making a few comments about […]

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English Pronunciation Problems

無料体験レッスン   アクセス   Tel: 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 大阪天王寺 Spelling and sounds The pronunciation of a word doesn’t always match up with the way it is spelt. This can make it very difficult for learners to speak English. You may know how a word is spelt but can you say it accurately? Everyday words This lesson is […]

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One grammar item, many functions

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール英会話 大阪天王寺 How can one grammatical form serve different purposes? Hello all, and welcome back to another mini-lesson from マイケルズイングリッシュスクール天王寺英会話. Today we are looking at how one grammar item, the first conditional in this case, can express different language functions.  First look at these sentences, all in the first conditional: 1. If we don’t leave now, we’ll […]

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Cambridge First Certificate lesson

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール英会話 大阪天王寺 ミニレッスン Boost your English by preparing for the Cambridge First Certificate The Cambridge First Certificate of English (FCE) is an exam for upper-intermediate speakers of English, well-known and well-respected across the world. How can preparing for the First help you boost your English? The FCE tests all four skills, Listening, Reading, Writing […]

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Cambridge Examinations: KET

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 マイケルズイングリッシュスクール英会話 大阪天王寺 Cambridge English: Key, also known as Key English Test (KET) Who is KET for ? what level is it ? KET is an elementary level exam for general English. It corresponds to level A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). This qualification demonstrates the ability to communicate in English in simple […]

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Tips to ace the TOEIC

無料体験レッスン   アクセス   06-4397-0170 Hello all! Today at マイケルズ英会話大阪天王寺 we learn about the TOEIC test, which is one of the most popular tests that we prepare students for. What is the TOEIC test? TOEIC stands for Test of English for International Communication and it is a widely recognised test used for various purposes, such […]

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Neither good nor bad – build your vocabulary

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 Hello all! In today’s post from マイケルズイングリッシュスクール天王寺英会話, we go beyond ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and look at ways of expanding your vocabulary. In class discussions, I often ask my students to put these basic words aside for a while and think harder to come up with more specific synonyms. Be more precise! ‘Good’ […]

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Phrasal Verbs – part II

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 Separable and inseparable phrasal verbs Hello all, and welcome back to another mini-lesson from マイケルズイングリッシュスクール天王寺英会話. If you read the mini-lesson articles last year, you might remember this introduction to phrasal verbs. We looked at the meaning of phrasal verbs, and today we’re going to look at the structure. Moving the preposition around: […]

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What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 New Year’s Resolutions Have you made New Year’s resolutions yet? This year, I’m going to exercise more, I’m going to read more books, and I might also take up a new sport. Today we’re looking at how to talk about intentions and future plans. Future tenses in English can be quite difficult – today […]

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