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New Year’s Eve celebrations – phrasal verbs

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 Phrasal Verbs for New Year’s Eve celebrations Today at 大阪夕陽ヶ丘英会話 we are learning some phrasal verbs to talk about the oncoming New Year’s Eve celebrations. New Year’s Eve is the night from the 31st of December to the 1st of January. What do you usually do on New Year’s Eve? How are […]

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What’s for dinner? Christmas dinner vocabulary

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 What’s for dinner? Christmas dinner vocabulary Hello all! With Christmas approaching, let’s make the final preparations for Christmas dinner together. What is a traditional Christmas dinner like? It seems we’ll find out at the 大阪夕陽ヶ丘英会話! You can use this Christmas dinner vocabulary to ask your British friends what they had, and you […]

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Christmas traditions

無料体験レッスン アクセス 06-4397-0170 Hello all ! ‘Tis the season ! Let’s look at some vocabulary to talk about the holiday season and Christmas traditions. Today at 大阪夕陽ヶ丘英会話 we talked about Christmas decorations and traditions. Have you seen the Christmas lights on the streets? The streets are illuminated and lively, and in the UK shops usually have extended […]

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Common Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal Verbs, Part I In today’s mini-lesson from 大阪夕陽ヶ丘英会話 we are looking at phrasal verbs. You have probably come across some verbs that are followed by a preposition. Phrasal verbs are verbs that take on a new meaning when combined with a certain preposition.   What is the difference between ‘to complain about’ (verb + […]

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Popular Internet Slang and Abbreviations

Frequently used Internet slang and abbreviations Hello all! In today’s mini-lesson from 大阪夕陽ヶ丘英会話 we are looking at some common abbreviations and popular internet slang. If you read forums in English or exchange texts with English-speaking friends, you might have come across these little words and wondered what they mean. We’re here to help! Here is […]

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Idioms: night owl or early bird?

Today at マイケルズイングリッシュスクール夕陽ヶ丘の英会話 we are learning idioms about time habits. Are you a night owl or an early bird?   A night owl If you like to stay up until late at night, you are a night owl. Example: My friend is a night owl and usually works or reads until late into the night. […]

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Often confused words: hard / hardly

In today’s mini-lesson at Michael’s English School 大阪夕陽丘の英会話 we are looking at the difference between ‘hard’ and ‘hardly’. They look similar, but the meaning is actually very different. ‘Hard’ can be both an adjective (形容詞) and an adverb (副詞).  Exceptionally, it does not take the ending  –ly to become an adverb. It just stays as it […]

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