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Ladies and Gentlemen, The Smiths!

Hello again, and welcome to another edition of 羽曳野古市英会話の英国音楽! The Smiths, not just your average Joes… The Guitar, the Lyrics, the Voice Whether you remember or not (or are too young to know) what went on during the 80s, many of the alternative bands you listen to today have been influenced by The Smiths. Johnny Marr’s distinctive […]

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Mournful, Tragic, Exquisite Nick Drake

Hello again, and welcome to another edition of 羽曳野古市英会話の英国音楽! Do you know Nick Drake? Nick Drake released three albums before committing suicide at the age of 26. The University of Cambridge student of English Literature had been suffering from major depression, considered himself an artistic failure, disliked giving interviews, loathed performing live. He did not sell many albums […]

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Leonard Cohen, the Man with the Golden Voice and Twenty-seven Angels from the Great Beyond…

A Homage to Leonard Cohen (1934-2016) by Michael’s English School Hello again, and welcome to another edition of 羽曳野古市英会話の英国音楽! Although this is mainly a blog about British music, we will sometimes make an exception. When someone of the calibre of Leonard Cohen disappears (he died on 7th November), it seems difficult not to stop for […]

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“Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles

Hello again, and welcome to another edition of 羽曳野古市英会話の英国音楽! The Beatles Everyone knows them. We can’t talk about British rock music without mentioning The Beatles. Like all the bands/artists that have appeared so far in our music blog, they continue to exert a huge influence on pop/rock music worldwide. “Beatlemania” has its own Wikipedia entry. […]

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“Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division

Welcome back to the music section of 羽曳野古市英会話の英国音楽! Joy Division Have you ever heard of the British band Joy Division? Despite their short career (1976-1980), this band from Manchester is one of the most influential in rock history. The story of its frontman Ian Curtis is a tragic one. Curtis suffered from depression, marital problems, […]

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“Space Oddity” by David Bowie

Welcome to the music section of 羽曳野古市英会話の英国音楽! David Bowie… 2016 has been a sad year. We have lost Prince, Alan Rickman, Muhammad Ali, Anton Yelchin, Michael Cimino, Gene Wilder, Robert Vaughn, Leonard Cohen… And to think that we also now live in a world without David Bowie… Well, it’s not quite like that though. In many ways, those people are […]

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