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USJ hits 150 million visitors

News from MES 英会話 大阪天王寺 about Osaka’s own beloved theme park, USJ. Did you learn any new vocabulary? USJ、入園者が1億5千万人突破 Universal Studios Japan in Osaka has drawn over 150 million visitors since opening in March 2001, with the last 50 million coming at a faster pace than the first 100 million due partly to the introduction of new rides […]

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Today’s News Lesson – Ghosts of England

Today’s halloween News lesson – Ghosts of England 英会話大阪天王寺の時々ニュース語彙 There are many words for ghosts and monsters in English and this article from the BBC contains a lot of them. Ghost 幽霊 Wraith 生霊 – a ghost or ghostlike image of someone, especially one seen shortly before or after their death. Ghoul グールan evil spirit […]

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