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Small talk and socialising: entertaining visitors from overseas

Imagine your company is receiving business partners or clients from overseas. What do you say to break the ice and socialise? Here is how to make small talk and suggest things to do.

Making small talk

Match the phrases 1-5 to the correct responses a-e   to make a conversation.

  1. Did you have a good trip?
  2. Was the flight on time?
  3. That’s good. And how was the weather in London?
  4. Really? Well it’s much better here.
  5. Can I get you a drink or something?

a. Very wet and cold, I’m afraid.

b. Yes, it was.

c. Thank you. Coffee would be great.

d. Very good, thank you.

e. Yes, it’s very warm.



If you would like to invite your foreign clients or colleagues out, check out these easy socialising phrases:


Saying what’s going on and what’s available

There’s a (good) movie / play / concert playing at [time/place]

We have a good theater in the city…

There are some

Are you interested in…



Would you be interested in going to see … ?

I’d like to invite you to have dinner this evening.


Responding to an invitation

That would be very nice.

I’d like that.

Thank you. That would be a pleasure.


Declining an invitation

I’d like to, but I’m afraid…

That would be nice, but unfortunately…

Practice time!


Choose the correct ending to make the invitations below.

  1. Do you have any                    a) to meet this evening?
  2. There’s a good                       b) free time this week?
  3. We could go for                     c) you some interesting places.
  4. Would you like                       d) museum near here.
  5. I’d like to show                       e) something to eat at a restaurant.


Accepting or declining

Complete the sentences below with words in pink.

time – kind – but – have to – would – invite – appointment – that – like 

  1. I’d like that _________ unfortunately I ___________ leave very early in the morning.
  2. That’s very _______ of you, I’d _______ that very much.
  3. Thank you, that _____________ be very interesting.
  4. It is nice of you to __________ me, but I already have an __________ tonight. I’m sorry about that.
  5. Another _________ perhaps?
  6. I’d like _________, thank you very much.


Hopefully these few phrases will help you break the ice, and socialise with your colleagues from overseas.

Good luck!




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Making small talk:  1d – 2b – 3a – 4e – 5c

Inviting: 1b – 2d – 3e – 4a – 5c

Accepting or declining:   1. but, have to     2. kind, like     3. would     4. invite, appointment      5. time     6. that


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マイケルズイングリッシュスクール 天王寺英会話

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