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Hello all,

It’s the summer holiday season! Are any of you going to go travelling? Are you flying anywhere? If so, let’s brush up your holiday English with a little dialogue at check-in.


Complete the following dialogue with the words in purple.


aisle          passport      laptop      allowed       boarding pass         check in           exit          gate          pack         left         available         busy


Check-in clerk: Good morning.

Passenger:  Hello. Is this where I ______________ for flight BA 563?

Check-in clerk: Yes. Can I see your _______________ please? Thank you. Did you _____________ your bags yourself, sir?

Passenger: Yes. Excuse me, but apart from my _____________ I only have this small bag. Is it okay if I take it on as hand luggage?

Check-in clerk: Well, officially, you’re only _______________ one piece of hand luggage, but it’s not a large bag, is it? So, that’s all right, I suppose.

Passenger: Thanks very much. Could I have an ____________ seat, please, near the front? Or a window seat?

Check-in clerk: I’m sorry, the flight’s quite ____________. There are no window or aisle seats _____________.

Passenger: Oh…. could you show me where the __________ seats are?

Check-in clerk: Yes, sir. Here, here and here.

Passenger: Right, I’ll take the one up front near the _____________ on the left.

Check-in clerk: Okay. Here’s your ____________. The flight will be boarding at _____________ number 23 in 30 minutes. Have a good flight.

Passenger: Thanks. Goodbye.

Check-in clerk: Goodbye.



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check in – passport – pack – laptop – allowed – aisle – busy – left – available – exit – boarding pass – gate

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